About Us

At Vertical Earth, we’re proud to be Coeur d’Alene’s oldest bike and tri shop (with snowsports and fat bikes, too!). We do what we love, and we work hard to share our passion with the community! We’re the originators of the “Tuesday Night Ride,” and we like nothing more than seeing so many people of all levels getting together to enjoy the best scenery and trails that our area has to offer.

And we’re so grateful to our customers and the community for recognizing our passion for all things bikes and our dedication to customer service by voting us the Inlander’s Best Bike Shop of North Idaho every year from 2006-2014. And thanks also to the North Idaho Business Journal, for naming us in the “Best of” winners for 2014 and 2015.

That’s all great stuff, but we’re more than “best-of” winners—but who is Vertical Earth?

We are bike lovers. Some of us are racers. A lot of us aren’t. Some of us ride CycloCross. Some of us are road riders. Some of us are mountain bikers. The crazies among us are downhillers. And some of us love nothing more than hopping on our cruiser. We are bike commuters. We are dog lovers—we even sometimes stuff them in our messenger bags before we pedal off to work. We are cat lovers—though we’ve never biked to work with a cat stuffed in our satchels. We don’t stop when the snow flies: we ski, we snowboard, we strap on the snowshoes. We’re coffee drinkers, though occasionally we prefer tea. We’re beer drinkers and wine consumers and cocktail mixologists and teetotalers. We have families. We give back to our community. We’re runners—sometimes, at least, even if we hate it. We’re swimmers—sometimes, at least, even if we hate it. We’re trampoline-jumpers and backyard barbecuers and housework haters. We’re locals. We’re neighbors. We’re friends and professionals and club members. We’re hunters. We’re vegetarians. We’re pizzavores. We’re gear-heads and hybrid drivers. In short, we are North Idaho.